Septoplasty in Iran

Opting for septoplasty in Iran is a very wise choice if you care about your health and you want affordable prices!

A septoplasty is a surgical procedure that can correct this condition by straightening the bone and cartilage that divide your nasal cavity.

Septoplasty in Iran in Summary

Recovery Time

2-3 Week

Hospital Day

No Needs

Surgery Duration

2-3 Hour



Back to Work

1 Week

Stay in Iran

7-12 Days

Why You Should Choose Iran for Septoplasty Surgery?

Iran is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism in the world, and it is known as the rhinoplasty capital of the world

Septoplasty in Iran can address your deviated septum symptoms, such as breathing problems, snoring, or facial pain, at an affordable cost

There are many reasons why you should choose Iran for septoplasty surgery, such as:

High-quality and affordable healthcare

Iran has a well-developed healthcare system with modern facilities, advanced equipment, and highly skilled surgeons

You can get a septoplasty surgery in Iran for a fraction of the cost of the same procedure in Western countries. 

Easy and fast visa process

Iran offers medical visas for citizens of many countries, which means you can get your medical visa easily.

Rich and diverse culture and history

You can enjoy the beauty of Iran’s museums, bazaars, and natural attractions when you opt for a septoplasty in Tehran.

PackagesSeptoplasty in LyaMed

PricingSeptoplasty Cost in Iran

The cost depends on several factors, such as:

  • Type and complexity of the surgery
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital’s fee
  • Pre-and post-operative tests and medications
  • Length of stay in Iran
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation

The average septoplasty cost in Iran is around $2,300, but it can vary from $2,000 to $2,950, depending on your package selection.

Septoplasty surgery cost in Iran is much lower than in other countries, such as the US, Canada, Europe, UAE, and Turkey. Here is a comparison of the average cost of this surgery in different countries:

Septoplasty Cost in Iran

What is Septoplasty Surgery?

A septoplasty or submucosal resection (SMR) is a surgical procedure that aims to correct a deviated septum. A deviated septum is a condition where the septum is crooked, off-center, or shifted to one side of the nose. This can cause problems such as:

  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Snoring
  • Sleep apnea
  • Sinus infections
  • Nosebleeds
  • Facial pain
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth

A septoplasty in Iran can straighten the septum and improve the airflow through the nose. You can also relieve the symptoms of a deviated septum and improve the quality of life of the patient.

Do I Need a Septoplasty?

If you have a deviated septum that causes significant breathing problems or other symptoms that affect your daily life, you may need a submucosal resection

However, not everyone with a deviated septum needs surgery. Some people may have mild or no symptoms and can manage their condition with non-surgical treatments.

Your doctor will consult with you to determine the best treatment for your condition. It can be either turbinate reduction, septoplasty, or revision rhinoplasty in Iran.

Benefits of Septoplasty

A submucosal resection in Iran can have many benefits for people with a deviated septum, such as:

  • Improved breathing
  • Reduced snoring and sleep apnea
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem

Preparing for Surgery

Before undergoing, you need to prepare for the surgery and follow some instructions from the doctor, such as:

  • Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery, as smoking can impair the healing process and increase the risk of infection and bleeding.
  • Avoid taking certain medications that can thin the blood and increase the risk of bleeding. Our doctor will advise you on which medications to stop and when to stop them.
  • Inform your surgeon about any allergies, medical conditions, or previous surgeries that you had.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before the surgery unless instructed otherwise by the doctor.

What Happens During Surgery?

SMR is usually performed under general anesthesia. The surgery takes about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the case. 

These are the general septoplasty procedure steps:

  1. Our surgeon makes a small incision inside the nose to access the septum.
  2. Then, he lifts the mucous membrane that covers the septum and separates it from the bone and cartilage.
  3. After that, the surgeon removes, reshapes, or repositions the deviated parts of the bone and cartilage to straighten the septum.
  4. The next step is reattaching the mucous membrane to the septum and closing the incision with stitches.
  5. Finally, he places splints, packing, or bandages inside the nose to support the septum and prevent bleeding.

Septoplasty Recovery

After undergoing SMR and rhinoseptoplasty in Iran, it is important to follow the post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon. 

Here are some general guidelines for septoplasty recovery:

  • Resting: Plan to take a few days off from work or school to allow your body to heal. Get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activities that could increase blood pressure or strain the surgical area.
  • Pain Management: You may experience some discomfort or pain in the first few days following surgery. Your surgeon may prescribe pain medication to help manage any discomfort. 
  • Nasal Care: Your surgeon may advise you to use saline nasal sprays or rinses to help reduce congestion. 
  • Nasal Packing and Splints: In some cases, our surgeon places nasal packing or splints inside your nose to support the septum.
  • Swelling and Bruising: Swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes are common for 2 – 3 days. Applying cold compresses to the area can help reduce swelling.
  • Follow-up appointments: Attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with your surgeon to monitor your progress.
  • Physical Activity: Avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting, and contact sports for the duration specified by your surgeon. 
  • Diet and Hydration: Stay well-hydrated and consume a healthy, balanced diet to support your body’s healing process.
  • Patience and Recovery Time: Remember that every individual’s recovery is unique, and it may take several weeks to subside completely. 

How is Septoplasty in Iran Performed?

  1. You will begin with a free online consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon in Iran.
  2. You can book your septoplasty surgery package in Iran. The packages include everything you may need, from a medical visa to transportation and accommodation.
  3. Upon your arrival in Iran, your dedicated interpreter will greet you at the airport.
  4. You will receive a local SIM card and phone number.
  5. Then, you will have an in-person consultation with your surgeon, who will examine your nose, confirm the treatment plan, and provide pre-operative instructions. 
  6. The septoplasty surgery in Iran will be performed at top hospitals in Tehran
  7. Following the surgery, you will have a recovery period during which you will have some scheduled check-ups.
  8. Also, you can explore the natural and historical attractions of Iran with the assistance of tour guides.
  9. Just like a regular nose job in Iran, after a few days, you will have a final check-up to evaluate your septoplasty in Iran results. 
  10. Finally, you can return to your home country.

Septoplasty vs. Rhinoplasty

Septoplasty and rhinoplasty are 2 different types of nasal surgery that can be performed separately or together. When it comes to septoplasty vs rhinoplasty, the main difference between them is the purpose and the outcome of the surgery.

  • Septo is a functional surgery that aims to improve breathing by correcting a deviated septum. Submucosal resection does not change the external appearance of the nose unless the septal deviation causes a visible deformity.
  • Rhino is a cosmetic surgery that aims to enhance the appearance and the proportion of the nose by changing its shape, size, or angle. It can also correct some breathing problems caused by structural defects in the nose, such as a hump, a crooked bridge, or a bulbous tip.

Some patients may need both to achieve their desired results. This combination is called a rhinoseptoplasty or a septorhinoplasty

A rhinoseptoplasty can address both the functional and the aesthetic aspects of the nose by straightening the septum and reshaping the nose. It can also reduce the risk of complications and recovery time, as the patient only needs one surgery instead of two.

The decision to have any type of nose surgery depends on your condition, goals, and expectations. If you’re not sure whether SMR or rhinoplasty in Iran is suitable for you, you can benefit from our free online consultation session.

Side Effects and Risks of Septoplasty Surgery 

The surgery has some potential risks and complications that the patient should be aware of before undergoing the procedure. 

Some of the possible septoplasty side effects and risks are:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Perforation
  • Loss of smell or taste

However, they are not very common, and you can prevent most of them by choosing a professional medical team like LyaMed.

Why You Should Choose LyaMed?

LyaMed is a leading medical tourism company in Iran that can help you plan your trip and get the best packages and services

We have a team of professional and experienced surgeons, coordinators, interpreters, and tour guides who can assist you with every aspect of your medical journey, such as:

  • Providing the best septoplasty surgeon in Iran
  • Getting a personalized treatment plan
  • Arranging your visa, flight, accommodation, transportation, and hospital
  • Providing you with 24/7 support and care during your stay in Iran
  • Offering you competitive and transparent prices with no hidden fees
  • Ensuring your satisfaction and safety with high-quality and reliable services

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable partner to help you get your septoplasty surgery in Iran, look no further than LyaMed

Contact us today and get a free quote and consultation for your septoplasty in Iran.

Frequently Asked Questions About Septoplasty in Iran

What is septoplasty surgery?

A septoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to correct a deviated septum

How much does septoplasty cost in Iran?

The average septoplasty cost in Iran is around $2,300, but it can vary from $2,000 to $2,950 depending on your package selection and medical facilitator.

Which country is the cheapest for septoplasty?

  • Iran
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Lithuania

What is the septoplasty surgery time?

The surgery takes about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the case. 

Does septoplasty fix nose shape?

No, yet in some cases, it is possible to enhance the shape of the nose while opting for septoplasty, mostly during rhinoseptoplasty.

What is the septoplasty success rate?

Up to 85% of people who have septoplasty experience significant improvement in symptoms.


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