Why LYAMEDSeamless Travel, Exceptional Care

At LYAMED, we offer a comprehensive range of services including Medical, Cosmetic, and Dental procedures. By selecting us, you gain the advantage of affordable prices and the opportunity to be treated by Iran’s best surgeons.

You will have access to modern hospitals to ensure optimal outcomes at a competitive cost compared to other countries. We provide excellent sightseeing and comfortable hotels to enhance your travel experience. Explore the beautiful city of Tehran with our tour guides, who will take you on a seamless journey through its various attractions.

Throughout the entire process, LYAMED will be your trusted guide. We will assist you from the initial consultation to visa processing, arranging suitable accommodations, providing translators and transportation services, and offering post-treatment care.

Contact us now to discover our comprehensive services and understand why numerous patients have entrusted LYAMED Health Tourism Company with their healthcare needs.


Team DetailsOur Team Members

Dr.Alireza Droudgar
Dr. Alireza Doroudgar
Aesthetic physician trained in cosmetic surgeries and holds specialized board
Shervin Kargary
Marketing Director
managing LyaMed's domestic and international marketing strategies.
Amirreza Shina
A Shina
Managing LyaMed's operations, from patient service to legal affairs.