Best Iranian Rhinoplasty Surgeons

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If you’re concerned about finding the best iranian rhinoplasty surgeons, a high surgical success rate, and lower prices, we can help you.

At LyaMed, your rhinoplasty journey is conducted by Dr. Alireza Doroudgar’s team. His team, honed by expertise and a shared passion for sculpting beauty, will transform your vision into a reality that sings with natural harmony.

If you’re uncertain about choosing a good destination for your rhinoplasty surgery, in this blog post, we will show you why a nose job in Iran is your best option. 

What is Nose Job Surgery?

Rhinoplasty, nose job, or nose surgery, is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help you achieve your desired facial appearance.

A nose job is a surgical procedure that adjusts the nose’s size, shape, or proportions. It can be done for aesthetic or functional reasons, such as improving breathing or correcting an injury or congenital issue. Therefore, not only for cosmetic reasons but also for your breathing problems, we have solutions like septoplasty in Iran.

Why Should You Choose Iran for Rhinoplasty?

Iran’s reputation for excellence in plastic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty, stems from several factors, such as:

Expertise of Iranian Rhinoplasty Surgeons

Iranian people are passionate about improving their facial appearance and opting for different surgeries like rhinoplasty. Therefore, this high domestic and international demand makes Iranian surgeons more professional and keeps thhe price competitive!

We provide the best Iranian nose surgeons for our international patients in Iran. They boast extensive experience and a proven track record in rhinoplasty, with many holding international certifications and accolades. 

In recent years, many celebrities and individuals have chosen Iran for their cosmetic surgeries, especially rhinoplasty. 


On average, the cost of rhinoplasty packages at LyaMed is between $1700 to $2650, which is much more affordable than in other countries even UAE and Turkey!

These cost advantages are due to many factors, such as:

  • The exchange rate between the US Dollar and Iranian Rials makes all expenses in Iran much cheaper.
  • Surgeons’ fees are competitive and affordable
  • Hospital expenses and medical tests are much more economical
  • Cheaper accommodation and transportation

High Surgical Success Rate

Iranian surgeons boast a remarkable reputation for their expertise and meticulous approach. 

With over 200,000 nose surgeries per year, Iran has one of the highest rates of nose job surgery. Therefore, our surgeons have much more skills to achieve natural-looking and successful results due to performing these surgeries every day.

 A Global Center for Rhinoplasty

In Iran, the rhinoplasty capital of the world, many surgeries happen every year, and Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons are professional at it. 

Tons of clinics and hospitals only do nose jobs so that you can pick the one right for you. With all these choices, you can compare how good the doctors are, the hospitals themselves, and what other patients have said before you decide.

Personalized and Modern Approach 

Iranian surgeons are experts in the latest and most advanced rhinoplasty techniques, such as tip rhinoplasty, which can enhance the shape, size, and projection of your nasal tip to create a more balanced and natural appearance. 

they can help you find the best solution that matches your vision, whether you want to correct a droopy, bulbous, or over-projected tip

At LyaMed, we offer customized and attentive care to each patient by considering their facial features, aesthetic preferences, and medical history

Best Iranian Nose Surgeons

    What Do Iranian Surgeons Offer When You Opt for a Nose Job in Iran?

    Iranian nose surgeons offer comprehensive services to ensure your positive and successful experience during your rhinoplasty in Iran:

    Initial Online Consultations 

    Initial consultations involve in-depth discussions with your surgeon to understand your goals, expectations, and concerns.

    Detailed Planning

    Our top nose job doctors in Iran craft customized treatment plans by considering your specific needs and desired outcomes.

    Advanced Surgical Techniques

    At LyaMed, we ensure that one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran operates on your nose to minimize scarring and achieve the best results. Even if you are unsatisfied with your previous nose job results, revision rhinoplasty in Iran can help you finally achieve your desired nose without complications.

    Post-operative Care

    Surgeons provide comprehensive post-operative care, ensuring your comfort and well-being during recovery.

    Who Is the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Iran?

    If you’re looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran, we suggest the LyaMed medical team with the supervision of Dr. Alireza Doroudgar. Our medical team is educated from top universities in the United States, and we can perform rhinoplasty at the highest quality.

    Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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