Medical Tourism in Iran

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Forget expensive healthcare back home! Welcome to the fascinating world of medical tourism in Iran, where affordability meets high-quality medical services. You will have access to exceptional medical care by professional doctors, modern facilities, and prices up to 70% lower than in other countries. 

Plus, experience breathtaking history, vibrant culture, and delicious food while you recover.

Why Should You Choose Iran for Medical and Cosmetic Tourism?

Opting for medical tourism in Iran because of your cosmetic and medical needs is your gateway to affordable medical services.

Here’s why Iran should be your top medical tourism destination:


Health tourism in Iran has a lot of competitive advantages. The cost is one of the most important advantages of medical tourism in Iran.

The lower cost of medical services has many reasons, such as:

  • Exchange rate differentiation between Rials and Dollars
  • Government tourism promotion programs
  • Supportive tax policies on medical tourism companies in Iran
  • Less surgical fees and hospital expenses
  • Cheap accommodation and transportation

Your dream smile, flawless skin, or revitalized self is closer than you think with LyaMed cost-effective packages.

Professional and Experienced Doctors

Experienced Iranian doctors with years of experience and utilizing cutting-edge technology ensure your health is in the best hands. 

Iranian surgeons mostly graduated from top universities and medical schools in the world

Modern Medical Facilities

Iran’s medical landscape is ideal for health tourism due to utilizing the latest technologies in modern hospitals.

Here are some of the characteristics of the Iranian facilities:

  • State-of-the-art operation rooms
  • Diagnostic precision
  • Specialized centers
  • Modern surgical devices 
  • Telehealth consultations 
  • Remote patient monitoring systems 
  • Private recovery rooms
  • Multilingual staff
  • Dedicated nurses for each patient

Iran provides high-quality healthcare, delivering world-class treatment in a welcoming environment for your plastic surgery in Iran.

Cultural and Historical Adventures

More than just health tourism in Iran, Iran has a lot of historical and natural sightseeing places. From old palaces and natural landscapes to bazaars and malls, you’ll experience a trip you will never forget! You can enjoy Iran’s weather, nature, and food every day during your residence in Iran.

Medical tourism in Iran isn’t just about treatment but transformation. 

Medical Tourism in Iran

    What are the Top Hospitals and Clinics in Iran?

    LyaMed cooperates with Iran’s top hospitals and medical clinics to provide world-class medical services to international patients. 

    Here are some of LyaMed’s corporate hospitals:

    West Nikan Hospital

    West Nikan Hospital is one of the most modern hospitals in Iran. It has various wards, including a VIP ward, intensive care units, and specialized clinics. 

    The Hospital has advanced equipment, facilities, and the country’s most experienced doctors and medical staff. It also has an international patient department, a health check-up program, and a feedback system.

    Parsa Hospital

    Parsa Hospital is one of the oldest private hospitals in Tehran. It offers neurology, psychiatry, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ICU, CCU, endoscopy, pharmacy, and dentistry services. This hospital has a modern environment, experienced and trained staff, and a patient-centered care approach. 

    That is why this hospital is one of the top choices of medical tourism companies in Iran for their patients.

    Top Hospitals and Clinics in Iran

      Common Medical Procedures in Iran

      We offer various popular medical and cosmetic procedures in Iran for your needs and desires. 

      If you want to enhance your facial appearance by rhinoplasty, our best Iranian nose surgeons are here to help you. 

      Beyond facial aesthetics, our body contouring packages, such as mommy makeovers and different liposuctions and lifts, are ideal for you.

      Our eyebrow, beard, and hair transplant in Iran is the perfect choice if you prioritize your hair beauty.

      Planning Your Medical Tourism Trip to Iran

      If you finally decide to use medical tourism services in Iran, you can choose LyaMed

      We are a professional medical tourism provider in Iran and plan every detail of your experience. 

      Here are some of our special services for international patients:

      • Planning online consultation before coming to Iran
      • Medical visa assistance
      • Providing interpreter
      • Transportation
      • Accommodation
      • Hospital arrangements
      • Professional support during recovery time 
      • Planning sightseeing tours
      • Online follow-up visits

      Experience Excellent Medical Care with LyaMed

      Experience world-class medical care at an affordable cost in Iran. LyaMed is the best medical tourism company in Iran

      Contact us today and unlock a healthier, happier version of yourself by health tourism in Iran.


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