Breast Implant Cost in Iran

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Breast implants stand out as a transformative procedure because they offer a change in appearance and a boost in confidence. The breast implant cost in Iran is an important reason for many people who choose this country for this procedure. 

The breast implant price in Iran can vary for many reasons. Yet, quality and affordability are top values for our surgeons. 

How Much Does Breast Implant Cost in Iran?

On average, the breast implant cost in Iran ranges from $2,300 to $3,000. It is a testament to the country’s ability to provide quality care at a fraction of the global cost. 

Generally, the price of breast implants is around $4000 to $7500 across many countries, from Turkey to Europe and the US.

The affordability of breast implant costs in Iran is attributed to Iran’s lower cost of living and operational expenses. This competitive advantage allows us to provide high-standard medical services without the hefty price tag. 

For those considering this life-altering procedure, breast implant in Iran is an opportunity to achieve aesthetic goals while ensuring financial prudence.

What Factors Affect the Breast Implant Cost in Iran?

When considering the breast implant cost in Iran, it’s important to know that prices vary widely. 

Several factors influence the price of breast implants in Iran. These factors include the types of breast implants available, which range from saline to silicone, and more advanced options like gummy bear implants. 

Types and Methods of Breast Implant Surgery

The choice of implant type affects the cost significantly and is one of the main factors. Saline implants, for instance, are generally less expensive than silicone. However, newer, more cohesive silicone implants, known as ‘gummy bear‘ implants, can be pricier due to their advanced design and material. 

High Demand

The popularity of cosmetic procedures, especially breast augmentation in Iran, can reduce the price due to the competitive atmosphere. 

High demand may lead to inflated prices, particularly in metropolitan areas like Tehran.  

Expertise and Reputation of the Surgeon

Iranian surgeons with extensive experience and a solid reputation often charge more for their services. Their expertise can ensure a higher success rate and patient satisfaction, which justifies the premium pricing. 

Lyamed works with the best breast implant surgeons in Iran and reduces your overall costs in our packages. But, if you go forward independently with these surgeons, there will be higher fees due to their experience.

Complexity of the Individual Case

Each patient’s needs are unique and complex cases that require additional time and resources, which incurs higher costs. 

This includes: 

  • Asymmetry corrections 
  • Revisions from previous surgeries 
  • Combination procedures

Government Subsidies and Tax Policies

Iran’s government provides many supportive subsidies or tax deductions for certain healthcare service providers to promote medical tourism in Iran


Aftercare and Recovery Expenses

Breast implant aftercare and recovery process contribute to the overall expenses. These expenses include follow-up visits, any necessary treatments, special bras, and medications to ensure optimal healing.

Contact us for a free consultation regarding your breast enhancement in Iran.

Breast Implant Cost in Iran

    Breast Lift vs. Breast Implant Cost in Iran 

    When it comes to breast lifts vs. breast augmentation, the costs are influenced by your goals and method choice. Especially, when the demand for combinations of a breast lift in Iran with implants is increasing. This approach leads to more affordable breast implant and breast lift cost in Iran rather than opting for both these surgeries alone. 

    This happens for many reasons, such as less spending on breast implant recovery and surgeon and hospital fees.

    When comparing the two, it’s essential to consider the initial procedure costs, longevity, and desired effect. A breast lift might offer a subtler refinement, whereas implants provide a more noticeable augmentation. 

    Ultimately, the choice between a lift and implants will hinge on your personal aesthetic goals, physical prerequisites, and the counsel of a skilled surgeon. 

    You can consult our surgeons to decide the best solution for your condition.


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