Rhinoplasty Recovery: What You Need to Know

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Rhinoplasty involves changing your nose’s bone, cartilage, and soft tissues, which can affect your breathing, sensation, and healing. Therefore, knowing what to expect during your rhinoplasty recovery and how to take care of yourself after the surgery is essential.

What to Expect During Your Rhinoplasty Recovery?

Rhinoplasty recovery is different for everyone. It depends on the type and extent of the surgery, your healing ability, and your adherence to the post-operative instructions. 

However, there are some standard stages and milestones that you can expect during your recovery time after rhinoplasty in Iran. You need to follow the instructions given by your surgeon, take care of your nose, and be patient and realistic. 

Expect some pain, swelling, bruising, congestion, and numbness in your nose and face, which will gradually improve. Over time, you will observe enhancements in the shape of your nose, as well as improvements in your breathing and overall function.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Day-by-Day Guide

To give you a better idea of what to expect during your rhinoplasty recovery, check out this daily guide:

Day 1

You will have your rhinoplasty surgery and stay in the hospital for a day. Some bruising and swelling around your eyes and cheeks are normal. 

You feel some pain, pressure, and congestion in your nose. Resting in bed with your head elevated while you sleep after rhinoplasty, and having someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours is essential.

Day 2 to 7

The shape of your nose will improve, but it may take some time for the swelling, bruising, numbness, and stiffness to go away completely. 

The first week after your rhinoplasty is the hardest and most limiting. You have to follow these instructions carefully:

  • Leave the splint and packing on your nose until your surgeon takes them off, usually in 5 to 7 days.
  • Do not do any heavy or intense activities, such as exercise, lifting, bending, or straining, and always keep your head up, even when you sleep.
  • Do not touch or press on your nose, such as with glasses, rubbing, or bumping.
  • Eating after rhinoplasty mostly contains only soft and mild foods, and you should avoid anything spicy, salty, or crunchy. 
  • Drink fluids to stay hydrated and avoid dryness in your nose. 
  • For moisting and cleaning nose after rhinoplasty inse your nose gently with saline solution several times a day.
  • Visit your surgeon for a follow-up visit, to check your progress and remove the splint and packing.

Day 8 to 14

Your nose and face will look and feel much better, but you must still be careful and patient during the second week of your nose job recovery

Keep in mind the below tips: 

  • You can return to most of your regular activities, but avoid anything too hard or dangerous.
  • The nose shape will become clearer as you recover from rhinoplasty swelling stages and bruising go down.
  • Breathing and nasal function will improve as the swelling and congestion disappear.
  • Follow your surgeon’s advice about your scar care, massage, and medication.

Day 15 to 30

During this time, you can do most of your everyday activities. During this time, you will notice a significant reduction in your nose and face swelling and bruising. Also, improvement in your breathing and nasal function is noticeable. 

You will visit your surgeon for another follow-up appointment, to check your progress and make any adjustments if needed.

    Rhinoplasty Recovery

      How Long is Recovery After a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

      Generally, the initial swelling and bruising takes at least a few weeks to subside. The rhinoplasty recovery time can take up to a year to fully heal and settle into its final shape.

      The nose surgery recovery depends on several factors, such as:

      • Technique 
      • Amount of tissue removed or added
      • Patient’s age and health
      • Surgeon’s skill and experience

      During this time, you must follow the post-operative rhinoplasty aftercare and avoid any activities that could damage or infect the nose. 

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