Mammoplasty in Iran

If you’re not satisfied with the appearance of your breasts, you may need to consider mammoplasty in Iran. Several types of breast plastic surgery in Iran can help you achieve a better look and beautiful breasts. 

In this article, we explain each of these surgeries, such as mammoplasty (commonly known as reduction mammoplasty) and other breast cosmetic surgeries in Iran.

Mammaplasty Surgery in Summary

Recovery Time

1 Month

Hospital Day

1 day

Surgery Duration

2-3 hours



Back to Work

1-2 Weeks

Stay in Iran

5-8 days

Why Choose Iran for Mammaplasty Surgery?

Iran is a hub for cosmetic surgeries in Asia. Many patients choose mammoplasty in Iran for their cosmetic and medical goals.

One of the reasons you should choose Iran among other medical tourism destinations is professional surgeons. Iranian surgeons mostly graduated from the top medical schools in the world. 

Mammoplasty cost in Iran is a competitive advantage. We provide the best mammoplasty packages at incredible prices.

The other advantage of mammoplasty in Iran is modern hospitals equipped with world-class medical devices. 

At LyaMed, we care about your health and safety and do our best to provide the highest quality of care.

PackagesMammaplasty Packages in LyaMed

PricingMammaplasty Cost in Iran

Mammaplasty surgery cost in Iran differs based on the type of surgery you need. Generally, the reduction mammoplasty cost in Iran depends on several factors such as:

  • Surgeon fees
  • Hospital and medical test expenses
  • Medicine
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation

On average, the mammoplasty cost in Iran is around $3000. For the same procedure, you may need to pay much more. For example, you may need to pay $10,000 in the United States, $8,000 in Europe, $5,000 in Turkey, and $5,500 in the UAE.

If you want more information about mammoplasty costs in Iran, you can have a free consultation with one of the best mammaplasty surgeons in Iran. During this consultation, you discuss your goals, and our surgeon offers the best mammaplasty packages in Iran for your condition.

Mammoplasty Cost in Iran

How Mammoplasty Surgery in Iran Performed: Step-by-Step Guide

Our mammaplasty in Iran has several steps that cover everything you may need.

These are the general steps of our mammaplasty packages:

Online Consultation

As we mentioned, our mammaplasty packages in Iran include a free online consultation before coming to Iran. In this consultation, you will get information about the best solution for your breast issues.

Visa Assistance

Our visa assistance services will relieve you completely from the medical visa application difficulties. We support you during the process and guide you during documentation and paperwork.


All of our mammoplasty packages in Iran have full-service transportation. We provide drivers for your convenience during your residence.


Our packages include top hotels for your accommodation during your trip for mammaplasty in Iran. You can choose your ideal hotel based on your package choice and budget.


All of our hospitals are among the best medical facilities in Iran. You will have a safe and satisfying surgery during your mammoplasty in Tehran


Your treatment plan is customized to your special physical and pathologic condition. Our surgeon introduces the various methods and suggests the best method for you.

These are your general treatment steps for the reduction mammaplasty in Iran with LyaMed:

  1. Visiting our surgeon in person
  2. Medical tests such as mammogram and blood tests
  3. General Anesthesia
  4. Surgery
  5. Recovery


Every type of trip, whether medical or business, needs some adventure. Our tour guides are here to make your trip fun and adventurous! We plan different city tours to visit unique and interesting landmarks in Tehran.

Online Follow-Up Visits

Mammoplasty recovery time may need some instructions and caring. We provide online follow-up sessions with our surgeon to monitor your recovery process.

What is Mammoplasty Surgery?

Mammoplasty surgery, often simply referred to as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure surgeon adjusts the breasts’ size, shape, or position for various cosmetic and medical needs. 

Whether it’s enhancing size and shape, lifting sagging breasts, or reconstructing lost breasts, this surgery can change your life. 

This surgery is a transformative experience because promotes your physical appearance, confidence, and general health.

Your surgeon may use these methods as a part of a mommy makeover in Iran.

Different Methods of Mammoplasty Surgery 

Different types of mammoplasty surgery offer various options to address various cosmetic and medical concerns related to the breasts.

Here are some of the different methods of mammoplasty surgery in Iran:

Reduction Mammoplasty

It mostly relieves your physical discomfort caused by large breasts. During reduction mammoplasty, our surgeon removes excess breast tissue, fat, and skin

It aims to reduce breast size, improve shape, and achieve a more attractive body.

If you have large breasts, you may struggle with back, neck, and shoulder pain. Reduction mammoplasty in Iran can relieve these symptoms, improve physical mobility, and boost self-confidence.

Augmentation Mammoplasty

It is a popular cosmetic procedure to increase the breasts’ size, fullness, and appearance. You may choose augmentation mammoplasty for fuller breasts or to restore your breast volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or aging.

Surgeons commonly use silicone or saline breast implants and fat transfer techniques, which involve taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it into the breasts. 

Our surgeons suggest fat transfer and breast implant in Iran based on your specific needs.

Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy is designed to address sagging breasts. It focuses on reshaping and lifting the breasts to make your breasts more perky.

It is a popular choice among women who have experienced breast sagging due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or aging.

During breast lift in Iran, your surgeon removes excess skin, repositions the nipple-areola complex, and reshapes the breast tissue.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a highly specialized surgical procedure especially performed on those suffering from breast cancer.

It aims to recreate the breast and helps women regain a sense of self and femininity.

There are various techniques for breast reconstruction, including:

  • Implant-based reconstruction
  • Tissue reconstruction
  • Combination of both methods

If you survived breast cancer and you wanna improve your body with a cost-effective surgery, choosing the right type of mammoplasty requires consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. You can benefit from our free online consultation session for mammaplasty in Iran.

Do I Need a Mammoplasty Surgery?

You may need mammoplasty surgery for these 2 reasons:

Cosmetic Reasons

  • Desired Breast Size: If you wish to enhance your breast size or achieve a specific aesthetic goal, such as a fuller shape, augmentation, and reduction mammoplasty may be an option.
  • Sagging or Asymmetry: A breast lift and breast augmentation in Iran might be a good option for you to address sagging breasts or breast asymmetry.

Medical Reasons

  • Physical Discomfort: Back, neck, and shoulder pain due to large breasts is a common medical concern you can reveal by reduction mammoplasty.
  • Breast Cancer: Breast reconstruction is essential if you’ve undergone a mastectomy as part of your breast cancer treatment.

How should I prepare for a mammaplasty surgery?

You should adjust your lifestyle, maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and stop smoking or alcohol consumption. Also, following your pre-surgical instructions, including fasting and skincare guidelines, is essential.

What Happens During a Reduction Mammaplasty Surgery?

Here’s the step-by-step process during a reduction mammaplasty surgery:

  1. Surgical Planning: Your surgeon will work with you to create a personalized surgical plan for your unique needs. 
  2. Anesthesia: This is often done under general anesthesia, allowing you to sleep peacefully during the surgery.
  3. Incision Placement: Your surgeon makes planned incisions. The type of incisions will depend on your breast size, shape, and surgical goals. Common incision patterns include the anchor and lollipop techniques.
  4. Tissue and Skin Removal: Your surgeon removes excess breast tissue, fat, and skin. Then they reshape your breast to get the desired size and shape. This step reduces your breast size and lifts the breasts.
  5. Nipple Repositioning: Then, the surgeon will reposition your nipple and areola to a higher and better position. This step helps create a natural, youthful appearance.
  6. Closing Incisions: After achieving the desired breast size and shape, the surgeon carefully closes the incisions with sutures. 
  7. Dressing and Bandaging: The surgical team will apply dressings and bandages to support the newly shaped breasts during the initial stages of healing. You may also be fitted with a surgical bra to provide added support.

What Should I Expect During the Reduction Mammoplasty Recovery Time?

After the surgery, our nurses monitor you in the recovery room to ensure a smooth wake-up from anesthesia. Our surgeon teaches you the post-operative instructions, including guidance on pain management, wound care, and follow-up appointments.

Here’s what you may face during the reduction mammaplasty recovery time:

  • After the surgery, your breasts will be covered with bandages.
  • Sometimes, your surgeon may place small tubes under your arms to drain any excess blood or fluid. These tubes are temporary and are typically removed within a few days.
  • You will receive medications for pain management and to reduce the risk of infection.
  • During the first week, it is common for your breasts to feel tender, swollen, and bruised
  • Mostly, you will have scars on your skin scars which may fade over time.
  • After the surgery, expect to take at least 1 week off from work or school.
  • Our surgeon will guide you on when it’s safe to resume your regular activities. 
  • We will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and remove bandages and stitches.
  • While you recover, it’s crucial to refrain from extreme physical activities for at least a month after surgery. Avoiding heavy lifting is essential to prevent strain on your healing breasts.

Risks or Complications of a Mammaplasty

Like any major surgery, it carries normal risks and complications. Your surgeon and hospital have a crucial role in minimizing these risks. Therefore, it is important to choose your surgeon carefully. Our medical facilities and professional surgeons in lyamed can ensure these concerns and lower the risks to the minimum.

Common risks and complications of reduction mammoplasty:

  • General Surgical Risks: You may face bleeding and infection after reduction mammoplasty.
  • Scarring: Although scars on your body will fade over time, they will never completely disappear. You should do post-operative care to minimize the appearance of scars completely.
  • Loss of Feeling: You may experience temporary loss of feeling in the breasts or nipples due to nerve-related issues during surgery. 
  • Bleeding and Blood Clots: If you have a history of clotting disorders, blood clots may be a challenge for your surgery.
  • Breastfeeding Difficulties: Discuss with your surgeon if you plan to have children in the future is crucial.
  • Asymmetry or Unwanted Results: There is a low possibility your left and right breasts may have differences in size and shape.
  • Rare Complications: In extremely rare cases, you may face significant loss of nipples or skin around the nipples. These instances are highly unusual but should be acknowledged.

Why Should You Choose LyaMed for Reduction Mammoplasty in Iran?

If you’re considering reduction mammoplasty in Iran, LyaMed offers convincing reasons to be your top choice:

  1. Excellent Hospitals: our team cooperates with the best medical facilities and hospitals. This maintains international standards for your mammoplasty surgery in Iran.
  2. Professional Surgeons: Iran boasts skilled surgeons specializing in reduction mammoplasty, providing expert care and desired results.
  3. Low Cost: LyaMed offers reduction mammoplasty packages in Iran at a lower cost compared to other Iranian medical tourism companies. LyaMed is making high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone.
  4. Exceptional Care: We offer exceptional care from consultation to recovery, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey.
  5. Precise Travel Arrangements: We take the stress out of medical travel with customized planning, including visa assistance, airport transfers, accommodation, and transportation for your reduction mammoplasty in Iran.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mammaplasty in Iran

What is mammoplasty surgery?

Mammoplasty surgery, often simply referred to as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure surgeon adjusts the breasts’ size, shape, or position for various cosmetic and medical needs. 

How much does a reduction mammoplasty cost in Iran?

On average, the reduction mammoplasty cost in Iran is around $3000.

What are the different methods of mammoplasty surgery?

  • Reduction Mammoplasty
  • Augmentation Mammoplasty
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reconstruction

Is mammoplasty safe?

Yes, mammoplasty is very safe if you carefully choose your surgeon and hospital.

Is mammoplasty the same as mastectomy?

No, mammoplasty and mastectomy are not the same procedures. They are two surgical interventions related to the breasts but have different purposes.

How long does a mammoplasty last in Iran?

The mammoplasty surgery duration is 3 Hours.

What is the cheapest country for Mammoplasty surgery?

Iran is the cheapest country for mammoplasty and many other breast cosmetic surgeries.


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