Hair Transplant Cost in Iran

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The hair transplant cost in Iran is a compelling reason for those looking to enhance their facial aesthetics. The average cost is around $1000.

Iran has become a global hub for affordable and advanced hair transplant procedures. Due to its expertise, quality, and cost-effectiveness, the country attracts patients from all over the world.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost in Iran?

The average hair transplant cost in Iran is around $900 to $1100. It is significantly lower than the global average of $1,500 to $6,000. In other countries, you must pay around $6000 in the USA, $5000 in Europe, and $2000 in Turkey and UAE.

The hair transplant in Iran is one of the best options for your cosmetic needs due to many reasons which cost is one of them.

What Factors Affect the Hair Transplant Cost in Iran?

Several factors can influence the hair transplant price in Iran, including:

Expertise and Reputation of the Surgeon

The surgeon’s expertise and reputation are crucial in determining the hair transplant cost in Iran. Highly experienced surgeons with a proven track record of successful transplants typically charge more for their services.

Complexity Procedure

The complexity of the hair transplant procedure can affect the cost. More complex cases require using the best type of hair transplant,  advanced techniques or longer surgery times may incur higher fees.

Hospital Fees and Expenses

Hospital fees, which include the use of medical facilities, equipment, and other hospital resources, contribute to the overall cost of the hair transplant.

The Hair Transplant Method

Different hair transplant methods, such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), may have varying costs due to the differences in technique and time required.

The Count of Hair Grafts

The number of hair grafts needed for the transplant directly impacts the price. Larger transplant areas require more grafts and increasing costs.

Medical Imaging and Tests

Pre-operative medical imaging and tests are essential for transplant procedure planning and are factored into the overall cost.

High Demand 

High demand for hair transplants in Iran, particularly for quality services at competitive prices, can lead to lower costs due to economies of scale.

Dedicated LyaMed Nurses

The involvement of dedicated nurses from LyaMed, who provide specialized care during and after the procedure, can influence the cost.

Government Tax Policies

Tax policies set by the government can also affect the cost of hair transplants, as clinics may need to adjust their prices based on taxation.


The combination of these factors makes Iran an ideal option for this surgery. By choosing Iran, you will have a world-class travel and medical experience. Also, you save over %80 with hair transplant cost in Iran compared to other countries.

Contact us for more info and book your free consultation session to see is you’re a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Cost in Iran

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