Gastric Sleeve Cost in Iran

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Are you thinking about gastric sleeve surgery as a step toward a healthier life? Look no further than Iran. Our skilled surgeons offer it with affordable gastric sleeve cost in Iran.

Gastric sleeve surgery is popular due to its effect on weight loss and the affordability of the procedure in Iran. 

How Much Does Gastric Sleeve Cost in Iran?

On average, the gastric sleeve cost in Iran ranges between $4,200 to $5,300

This is a fraction of what patients might pay in Western countries. The same procedure can cost around $10,000 to $15,000

Iranian surgeons are known for their expertise, and the hospitals utilize the latest technologies.

When you opt for the gastric sleeve in Iran, you can be sure you will have great medical and travel experience. To enhance this process, LyaMed Company can assist you by facilitating all you need for a high-quality weight loss surgery in Iran.

    Gastric Sleeve Cost in Iran

      What Factors Affect the Gastric Sleeve Cost in Iran?

      When considering this surgery, various factors play a role in determining the final gastric sleeve cost in Iran. These factors ensure that you receive quality care tailored to your individual needs. 

      We provided an extended look at what influences the gastric sleeve price in Iran

      Surgeon’s Expertise

      The gastric sleeve cost in Iran is significantly influenced by the surgeon’s qualifications. Surgeons with more successful procedures and higher satisfaction rates tend to charge more for their expertise.

      Our all-inclusive packages cover everything from pre-surgery consultations to post-operative care. We make sure you receive the best possible treatment by the best bariatric surgeon in Iran without any hidden costs. 

      Hospital Facilities

      Facilities with the latest medical technologies and comfortable amenities may result in a higher gastric sleeve cost in Iran. In Iran you can benefit from modern hospitals with high quality.

      Pre- and Post-Operative Care

      In the context of gastric sleeve surgery costs in Iran, the level of care provided directly impacts the overall expenses incurred by patients. Higher pre and post-operative care standards often correlate with increased costs due to medical professionals’ expertise. However, investing in superior care can lead to better surgical outcomes, reduced risk of complications, and enhanced patient satisfaction.

      Medical Tests

      Pre-surgery screenings and tests also effect the over all cost. They are essential for assessing suitability for surgery and planning the procedure, contributing to the overall cost.


      For international patients, the cost of staying in Iran during the pre-operative and recovery time must be considered.


      Convenient and reliable transportation to and from the hospital, as well as for follow-up visits, is often factored into the cost.


      Non-Persian speaking patients may require a full-time interpreter to assist with communication which adds to the over all cost of their trip.


      By choosing LyaMed’s gastric sleeve packages, you can rest assured that all these factors are taken care of. We provide comprehensive packages that cover all aspects of your medical journey to reduce your gastric sleeve cost in Iran. LyaMed offers 3 types of packages, from Economic package to VIP package, tailored to your individual needs and budget.


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